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  1. ITESM Campus Zacatecas
    Through its educative programs and of investigation and development the Technological one of Monterrey forms people and transfers the knowledge stops: ° Promover the international competitiveness of the companies with base in the knowledge, the innovation, the technological development and the sustainable development.

  2. ITESM Rectoria Zona Centro
    It is the Tecnológico de Monterrey to form people complete, ethical, with a vision humanistic and competitive internationally in its professional field, who at the same time are citizen it jeopardize with economic, political, social and cultural the development of their community and with the sustainable use of the natural resources.

  3. United States International University
    Alliant/Mexico was founded in 1970 in an international campus of United States International University (USIU). In July 2001, USIU joined with Californian School of Professional Psychology and Alliant University to form Alliant International University. Mexico City campus features an outstanding faculty and to diver student body, with to range of accredited undergraduate, graduate and general studies.

  4. Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro
    The UAAAN offers to the selected aspirings the option university study level Degree in some of the 13 races in the campus Forecastle; or, 7 races in the campus Tower, or Postgrado.Having the following divisions such as Division of Agronomy, Division of Science Animal, and Division of Engineering.

  5. Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez
    Offers the following subjects of study Biology, Infirmary, Sport Training, Medicine, Nutrition, Optometría Ortodoncia, Peridoncia, Buccal Prótesis fixes and Removible, Surgery Oral and Maxilofacia, Endodoncia, Architecture, Graphical design, Design of Interiors, and Industrial design.

  6. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG)
    It is an institution of culture, science, education, art and technology to the service of the humanity, that the highest level educates and forms completely to the person in the intellectual, moral, social and professional, as well as in the physicist.

  7. Universidad Autonoma de Nayarit
    Including the following faculties Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Sciences of the Education, Faculty of Sciences and Engineerings, Faculty of Accountant's office and Administration, Faculty of Right, Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Infirmary, Medicine Faculty, Faculty of Odontolgy, Faculty of Fishing Engineering, Medicine Faculty Veterinaria and Zootecnia and Faculty of Tourism.

  8. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
    The UANL has by purpose of forming university and technical professionals, investigators, teachers, as well as of making and of fomenting the scientific research in their forms basic and applied, considering regional and national the problems.

  9. Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi
    Constitute of the following Institutes such as Institute of Educative Sciences, Institute of Physics, Institute of Geology, Institute of Investigation in Communication, Optics, Institute of Humanistic Investigations, Institute of Metallurgy, and Research center for Chemical Sciences.

  10. Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcala
    Consists of the following Divisions such as Department of Agrobiología, Department of Sciences of the Health, Department of Odontolgy, Masters in Environmental Sciences, CTBC, CIRA, and Regional Posgrado Doctorate in Environmental Sciences.

  11. Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
    Through several lines of investigation a group of academic of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of the Independent University of Yucatan (UADY) works in the product development that contains additives for considered foods scrap iron.

  12. Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico
    Offers Graduate and Post Graduate courses. The subject of study of master courses are Administration, Public administration in Systems of Health, Administration and Policies, Social Anthropology, Farming Audit, Sciences and Natural Resources, Environmental Sciences, and Environmental Sciences with Emphasis in Health.

  13. Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos
    The University including the following faculties such as Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Farming Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, terminal area in, Faculty of Human Communication, Faculty of Accountant's office, Administration and Computer science, Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Engineering.

  14. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
    Offers courses in Administration, Agronomy, Social anthropology, Architecture, Biology, Experimental Biology, Political Science, Computation, Social, Right Communication, Design of the Graphical Communication, Industrial Design, Economy, Infirmary, and Estomatología.

  15. Universidad Autónoma de Campeche
    Includes the following faculties such as Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Qui'mico-Biolo'gicas Sciences, Faculty of Accountant's office and Administration, Faculty of Right, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Engineering and Medicine Faculty.

  16. Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (UACh)
    The University constitute of the folowing faculties Agricultural sciences, Forest Agrotecnológicas, Sciences, Political Sciences, Social Chemical Sciences, Accountant's office, Right Administration, Physical education, Sciences of Deporte Infirmary, Nutriología Philosophy and Letters Engineering Zootecnia Medicine.

  17. Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila
    Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila was founded on 1923. It offers to his students programs of degree, masters and doctorate.The UAAAN counts on an excellent infrastructure of support, an Academic Unit of Languages, experimental laboratories, fields and productive units, these last ones distributed in several states of the Republic.

  18. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
    Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo consists of educating and to form enterprising, responsible and honest profesionistas, with a solid sustenance humanist, technological scientist and, that contribute to the integral development of the state of Hidalgo and Mexico.

  19. Universidad Cristóbal Colón
    The Cristóbal University Columbus is an educative institution of Christian inspiration and connection escolapia that, by means of an integral educative model, opened and flexible. It has been distinguished by a shield that represents the four founding degrees of the institution: Public accountant's office, Administration of Companies (at the moment Administration), Architecture and Right.

  20. Universidad de Colima
    After more than six decades to the service of education, the principles of the Popular Universidad de Colima have not changed. The Universidad de Colima maintains its ideal to contribute permanently in the search of the collective well-being by means of the formation of human resources it jeopardize with the society.

  21. Universidad de Guadalajara
    Guaranteed by an educative tradition of more than two hundred years in which it is making activities of education, investigation and diffusion of science and the culture, and right when being fulfilled 77 years of its modern stage, the University of Guadalajara adapts to the challenges of the present and the future to improve and to stay to the vanguard in century XXI.

  22. Universidad de Guanajuato
    The University constitute of Department of Astronomy, School of design, School of Economy, School of Infirmary and Obstetrics of Guanajuato, School of Infirmary and Obstetrics of Irapuato, School of Languages, Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Right and Public Administration, Faculty of Infirmary and Obstetrícia de Celaya, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Faculty of Civil Engineering end so on.

  23. Universidad De Las Americas
    Offers education by means of the following schools such as EDEN School of Businesses, EDCS School of Social Sciences, EDEC School of Sciences, EDAH School of Arts and Humanities, EDEI School of Engineering which are comes under the university.

  24. Universidad de Montemorelos
    The University of Montemorelos is an educative institution private, sponsored and maintained by the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day, by ex- students, friends and other filantrópicas organizations; its mission is to prepare professional dedicated Christians to serve to God and its resemblances. Our history adds 58 years to develop the adventist educative work in the city of Montemorelos.

  25. Universidad de Monterrey
    The UDEM like educative community of catholic inspiration, integrally forms the student so that it evolves with fullness in the different scopes of the life and that it finds the importance in the service to the others. Our students are it jeopardize with their own development, arranged to give the best thing of themselves and to share their knowledge to construct one better society.

  26. Universidad de NorteAmerica
    The University of Norteamerica has like Filosofia forming responsible people and it jeopardize with the society, able of an ethical, scientific and cultural balance, fomenting values like the truth, the freedom, the honesty, loyalty, justice, the responsibility and solidarity, for the good of the Mexico.

  27. Universidad de Quintana Roo
    The University of Quintana Roo is the academic center in its younger type of the country. Its creation responds to an old yearning of the Quintanarroenses to count on a center of superior education to form professionals in the social areas, the basic humanities, sciences and the technological areas of greater demand and consumption at this time of high competitiveness.

  28. Universidad de Sonora
    With the incorporation of equipment and technologies of end in the matter of virtual education, the University of Sonant is prepared and projected to the future. Offering educative programs and materials with high standards of quality. The strategy of development of EDUCADIS consists of consolidating it like producing center so that finally multimedia becomes and operates like a center of educative technology and coordination of networks.

  29. Universidad del Mar
    The Universidad del Mar is a Public Institution of Superior Education and Scientific research of the Government of the State of Oaxaca, with support and recognition of the Federal Government. The University of the Sea responds to a new model of university like the Technological University of the Mixteca.

  30. Universidad del Noreste
    The Universidad del Noreste initiates its educative workings the 2 of September of 1970, like Institute of Biological Sciences of the Northeast, with the degree of Medical Surgeon; it is the first deprived institution of superior education in the State of Tamaulipas.

  31. Universidad Hispanoamericana
    The University of the Valley of Mexico has the firm commitment with the society to educate to youth being always looked for a balance between the approaches scientific and ethical-cultural, the agreed ones with the social necessities not only of our country, but of the world globalizado of today, as well as, the search of the truth and the communal property, basing always its educative task on its Institutional Philosophy and Educative Model.

  32. Universidad Iberoamericana
    The Univsersity havint he following departments such as Department of Art, Department of Religious Sciences, Department of Social and Political Sciences, Department of Economy, Department of Philosophy, Department of Physics and Mathematics, and Department of History Department of Letters.

  33. Universidad Iberoamericana - Puebla
    From its foundation, the Latin American University has been characterized to design innovating proposals in superior education, that have responded to the changing demands of our society. To name only some, in the Ibero the degrees in Administration of Companies and Communication were created, two of the most important races of the university panorama and that today exist in most of the public and deprived institutions.

  34. Universidad Intercontinental
    To obtain by means of programs of integral human formation in the university community, a harmonic development in the areas: physics, intellectual, psicoafectiva, social, ethical and spiritual; favoring with it integration in each one of the members of the University with a view to causing the experience of our three governing principles and in individual the Christian inspiration.

  35. Universidad Justo Sierra
    In the 150 anniversary of its natalicio its name was registered in gold letters in the enclosure of the House of Representatives. Offers the following subjects of study Theory of Social Work, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Demography and Human Ecology Computation, and Mathematics.

  36. Universidad Mesoamericana de San Agustín A.C.
    At the moment, the masters opened to the public are the following ones: Masters in Psycotherapy, Humanist, Masters in Marketing research Masters in Finances Masters in Sciences of the Education, with specialization in Administration and Management (In agreement with the University of the Valley of Mexico).

  37. Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo
    The Research center of the P'urhepecha Culture is a dependency of the Michoacana University of San Nicholas de Hidalgo dedicated to the scientific research and humanistic of the own culture, reason why this one contributes to foment the creation and diffusion of the diverse artistic and cultural manifestations of the town p'urhepecha, using for it different printed means and of massive communication.

  38. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
    At the moment the National School Preparatory account with nine establishments, located in different zones from the metropolitan area. Them they attend 50000 young students who prepare themselves for the life. The Preparatory National School has a matriculation of little more than 48,000 students, of who 15,203 entered.

  39. Universidad Panamericana
    The Guadalajara Campus like integral part of the Pan-American University just as all the Institutions of Superior Education in the World, is a community of students and professors that by the investigation and teaching orders itself to the contemplation of the truth, to the organic unit of the knowledge, to the fulfillment of the personal vocations and to the preparation of necessary professionals for the accomplishment of the communal property, all this framed in a Christian vision of the man of the life and the Society.

  40. Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP)
    Having the following department of education such as Department of Administration and Accountants, Department of Art and Architecture, Department of Economic and Social Sciences, Department of Humanities, Department of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Technologies of Information.

  41. Universidad Potosina A.C.
    Offers the following professional races: Degree in Right (Reg. ES-00016). Degree in Marketing research (Reg. ES-00017). Degree in Social Work (Reg. ES-00018). Degree in Trade International (Reg. ES-00019). Public Accountant (Reg. ES-00020). Degree in Countable Audit (Reg. ES-00021).

  42. Universidad Regiomontana
    The Regiomontana University is a private educative institution that from 1969 works in order to integrally form its students and directs to its efforts and resources towards the continuous improvement and the excellence. . The Regiomontana University offers studies of preparatory, professional and postdegree, in the areas of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Social Humanities and Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.

  43. Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca
    The Virtual University is a flexible form of specialized education remote that uses outposts tecnologias of communications, this allows to offer an excellence formation, fulfilling estandares academicos international. By this the Technological University of the Mixteca, offers by means of this form of studies the Masters in Computation with Specialty in Distributed Systems and the Degree in Mexican Studies.

  44. Universidad Tecnológica de México, UNITEC
    The Technological University of Mexico (UNITEC) has contributed for more than 37 years through the education, to the engrandecimiento of Mexico, with plans and training programs oriented to form profesionistas able to confront the demand of work successfully that require the companies of our country, looking for to elevate permanently the academic quality of their students and being adapted the educative processes to the necessities of the college students.

  45. Westhill Institute
    Provide a firm basis in English, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Music and Health. Equip students with the undesrtanding and skill necessary for effective group interaction and problem solving. Nurture intellectual and emotional growth in the students. Provide options in the program to meet individual needs of students.

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