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Colleges, Universities, B Schools in Mexico

Colleges, universities and graduate schools in Mexico that offer graduate programs in the areas of engineering and applied sciences, computer science, business management, bio-chemistry, bio-medicine, medicine, law, education, chemical engineering, mechanical and fine arts leading to an MS, MBA or a Ph.D.

  1. Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation
    The Foundation Arturo Rosenblueth is an academic institution, with an ample prestige in the field of the applied computation, the information systems and the computer science Technology, by its entailment and contribution to the national development in an ample phantom of activities.

  2. Centro de Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco
    The Preparatory XOCHICALCO this incorporating to the School of Bachelors of the State of Baja California. It offers a curriculum with a development system flexible and oriented and evaluation to the quality, as well as an pleasant and enriching university atmosphere that prepares to the student for its entrance to the superior education.

  3. Centro Universitario Hispano Mexicano
    Educative proposal initiates in the year of 1988 with the foundation of Mexican Hispanic Colegio (CHM) that offers education in the levels of secondary and baccalaureate. Years later, the consistency of that project took step to the creation, in 1993 of the Mexican Hispanic University Center, identified from its origins like CUHM.

  4. Cetys University
    CETYS University, a three-campus private non-profit university system located in major cities along the Baja Californian border with California, was founded in 1961 by a group of Mexican businessmen and industrialist visionaries. Since its creation back in 1961, CETYS has always had a culture of global interaction. This program is aimed to expand this culture, supporting international exchange programs for students and faculty.

  5. CUT Universidad de Tijuana
    At the moment the University counts on: 10 Campuses, distributed in 5 States of the Republic 4 establishments of general baccalaureate 11 programs of Degree 2 programs of Degree in Education (Preescolar and Primaria) 6 programs of Masters 2 Diverse programs of Doctorate courses, graduates, factories and seminaries, in its Programs of Continuous Education 4000 students enrolled in its diverse levels and educative programs.

  6. DUXX: Graduate School of Business Leadership
    Offers various Graduation courses in Agriculture, Accounting & Taxation, Biotechnology, Cognitive Sciences, Competitive Intelligence & Strategy, Corporate Finance, Credit Management, Design & Construction, Digital Books & Electronic Texts, Economics, Education, and Energy.

  7. El Colegio de México
    School of Mexico is a public institution, of university character, dedicated to the investigation and superior education, founded the 8 of October of 1940, with the aims to organize and to make investigations in some fields of social sciences and humanities; to publish books and magazines on matters related to its activities and to collaborate with other national and foreign institutions for the accomplishment of common objectives.

  8. Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas
    In the National School of Artes Pla'sticas (ENAP) the studies of Masters in Visual Arts are distributed, which count on five fields of knowledge: Painting, Sculpture, Graph, Urban Art, and Communication and Graphical Design. The referred studies attend in the establishment Academy, known in the community of the plastic artists like Academy of San Carlos.

  9. Instituto de Biotecnologia
    The Institute of Biotecnologia makes investigation of academica excellence for the development of the modern biotechnology, generating knowledge in diverse areas and disciplines such as ingenieria cellular, Biology of the development, genomic, structural Biology, molecular physiology, microbiology and medicine, as well as the related ones to the biocatálisis, the bioprocesos and the molecular Biology of plants.

  10. Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Tamaulipas (IEST)
    The educative model of the IEST raises the values and more important conceptions of the person, the society and the life.The IEST provides to the student the necessary tools, obtaining therefore a personal growth as much as professional, that it allows him to successful face the challenges that the dynamism of our time presents/displays.

  11. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
    Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (National Institute of Anthropology and History known for ace INAH its Spanish abbreviation) is the federal government bureau established in 1939 to guarantee the research, preservation, protection, and promotion of the prehistoric, archaeological, anthropological, paleontological historical, and heritage of Mexico.

  12. Instituto Nacional de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica
    The Institutes Areas of Investigation Astrophysics, Optical, Electronic, Computacionales Sciences.Offer Postgraduate in History, Library, Strategic, Indicating Mission and Vision.

  13. Instituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion de Empressa
    Offers Academic Education through the following departments Operations Management, Personnel Management, Finacial Management, Political and Social Environment, Philosophy and Business, Marketing, Economic Environment, Human Behaviour, Managerial Control and Information, Decision Analysis, and Business Policy.

  14. Instituto Politecnico Nacional
    The National Polytechnical Institute is the lay, gratuitous educative institution of State, director of public the technological education in Mexico, leader in the generation, application, diffusion and transference of the scientific and technological knowledge, created to contribute to the economic, social and political development of the nation.

  15. Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez
    An educative center that belongs to the national system of Technological Institutes. From the beginnings like the first institution of superior education in CD Juárez, races have been designed to respond to the exigencies of contemporary world in order to reaffirm national values and to integrate in students the profile adapted for century XXI.

  16. Instituto Tecnologico de Puebla
    Distribute technological, scientific education and humanist to satisfy the necessities with our internal and external clients. Continuously to innovate and to improve with participative leadership and work in equipment, to proudly fortify our values and being of the Tenológico of Puebla.

  17. Instituto Tecnologico de Tijuana
    Offers the following Technical Levels programs Electronics. Electricity. Maquinas and Herramientas. Máq. Of Internal Combustion. Construction. Topography. Laboratory assistant. Handling of Personnel and Professional Level Lic. Industrial Relations. Lic. Commercial Relations. Electromechanical Engineering. Civil Engineering.

  18. Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
    Educate men and women on the basis of rationality, responsibility and assertiveness: opinion leaders and supporters of institutions. These graduates should be able to provide new knowledge (scientific, technological, professional); thus helping others to become aware of their country's problems and solutions. ITAM's activities are oriented towards these objectives and by doing so, it reinforces its main functions as a university: teaching, research, and professional development.

  19. Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes
    At the present time the following races are offered to Level Degree: in the matutinal turn Ing. Ele'ctrica, Ing. Electro'nica, Ing. Qui'mica, Lic. in Computer science and the vespertine turn Ing. Industrial, Ing. Mécanica and Lic. Administration. In the Posgrado Level the Masters are offered in: Sciences in Ing. Ele'ctrica, Sciences in Ing. Qui'mica, Sciences in Administration and Sciences in Ing. Industrial.

  20. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO)
    The ITESO is the University Jesuita de Guadalajara. It was founded on 1957 and it belongs to the set of more than 200 jesuitas universities in the world. Joint party with them the educative tradition of 450 years, historically located in the center of the thought world-wide and reconnoitered by the formation of leaders in all the fields of sciences and the arts.

  21. ITESM
    It is the Technological one of Monterrey to form people complete, ethical, with a vision humanistic and competitive internationally in its professional field, who at the same time are citizen it jeopardize with economic, political, social and cultural the development of their community and with the sustainable use of the natural resources.

  22. ITESM Campus Chihuahua
    Offering theoretical-practical of professional development and human formation, excellent programs, of quality and that generates competition between their participants, to improve the level of the organizations and the sustainable development of its community.

  23. ITESM Campus Ciudad de Mexico
    The Preparatory one of the Technological Institute and Superior Studies of Monterrey, Campus City of Mexico is a private educative institution at level baccalaureate that it has like mission to prepare and to form competitive people for any national or international university system. Also, it favors the integral development of his students, through the educative innovation and promotes in his community the commitment to affect, positively, in the society and the country.

  24. ITESM Campus Ciudad Juarez
    Offers Post graduate progarams such as Masters in Quality and Productivity, Maestrs in Technologies,Masters in Information among this The MDM is a program of partial immersion of three years of duration, that includes a project of investigation applied developed during an industrial stay of three months in a manufacturing company.

  25. ITESM Campus Ciudad Obregon
    At the moment, studying languages has become in an important necessity in the areas personal and professional. The Technological one of Monterrey, through its Center of Languages, offers programs you of English and French excellence in quality and an impact verified in the education of the languages.

  26. ITESM Campus Estado de Mexico
    The preparatory one of the Campus Been of Mexico is an international academic division recognized by its culture of quality and work. For it counts on certifications and national and international accreditations. The campus offers an integral preparation, so that when students graduate they can evolve into professionals in an area of their choice.

  27. ITESM Campus Guadalajara
    Campus Guadalajara offers 15 bachelor degrees under the following divisions Administration Bachelor in Business Administration Bachelor in Financial Administration, Bachelor in Communications, Bachelor in Industrial Design, Bachelor in International Business and Social Sciences Division , Engineering and Architecture Division, and 1 masters in Business Area.

  28. ITESM Campus Guaymas
    This it is the only Campus next to the sea. Here the students can do diving, aquatic ski, kayak, windsurf, waterpolo and fishes - among others in addition to their traditional academic activities, in a closely tie scene with the nature.

  29. ITESM Campus Hidalgo
    Offers Masters, Specialties and Doctorate. The programs of posgrado are distributed using supported educative models of vanguard in educative technologies and technologies of information available. The Virtual University of the ITESM, - recognized world-wide level by its educative and technological leadership -, is and has been a key factor in the growth and development as much of withdrawn ours as of the System Complexion of Monterrey.

  30. ITESM Campus Irapuato
    It has as mission to form young people jeopardizes with its process of learning, people in charge and leaders, through an educative model with integrating programs that foment the intellectual development, the values and the integral well-being.

  31. ITESM Campus Laguna
    Offers the following undergraduate courses LAE Administration of companies, LIN Comercio The International, LEM Marketing research, LCPF Public Accountant's office and of Finances, B.A Bussiness Administration, B.A International Bussiness, B.A Marketing, B.A Finance & Accounting, Industrial IIS and of Systems, ISC Computacionales Systems, ISE Electronicos Systems, IMT Mecatronica.

  32. ITESM Campus Leon
    The races that the Complexion offers are those that adapt to the necessities of the region, in which the students have an ample field of development and growth.

  33. ITESM Campus Mazatlan
    The Technological Institute and of Superior Studies of Monterrey reviews its mission every ten years, in order to serve in form more opportune and adapted to the country and the society, to those who direct their efforts.

  34. ITESM Campus Monterrey
    The Guaymas Campus is as well recognized for its marine and aquaculture research programs. It is recognized worldwide for having the largest bone collection of marine mammals in the world.During the summer, many students from other campuses of the Tecnológico de Monterrey System transfer to this campus to enjoy the beauty of studying right next to the ocean and have the opportunity to practice their favorite water sport in the afternoons.

  35. ITESM Campus Morelos
    The Technological one of Monterrey is committed with the sustainable development of the country through a series of programs in Continuous Education as they are it courses, graduates, certificates, seminaries, factories, among others; in addition to consulting services and professional consultant's office.

  36. ITESM Campus Queretaro
    The Plan of Educative Investment is an innovating alternative created by the Technological System of Monterrey in answer to the restlessness of those who wish to assure the education their children and, therefore, are anticipated to the expenses that this one can generate.

  37. ITESM Campus San Luis Potosí
    The Community of Tecnológico de Monterrey is conformed by the present students, the withdrawn parents of family, students, the professors and the employees. Each one of these members with its particular characteristics offers a added value to this community.

  38. ITESM Campus Sinaloa
    The director of the Institution is Tecnológico de Monterrey example for universities of the United States became the first foreigner in heading a talk with members of the most important association of universities in the United States and Canada.

  39. ITESM Campus Tampico
    At the moment, 99% of the professors who offer courses at degree level in the Monterrey Campus, have masters and doctorate qualification; 98% of those who offer courses at level masters have doctorate degrees; and 95% of those who offer classes in the doctoral programs count on this title. At the moment, 93% of the professors attend programs of masters or doctorate in national programs, and a 19% have got doctoral programs abroad.

  40. ITESM Campus Toluca
    The Tecnológico de Monterrey Institute and of Superior Studies of Monterrey is a university system that it has as mission to form people jeopardizes with the development of its community to improve it in the social thing, in the economic thing and the politician, and that are competitive internationally in their area of knowledge.

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